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terry-picExecutive Director: Terry Wendt brings ingenuity, experience, and business know how to Camp Michawana.

After working as an industrial engineer in Corporate America, Terry and his beautiful bride, Debi, returned back to Camp after coming through the ranks of Campers, Team Timothy, Summer Staff, and Summer Leadership Staff (1995-2010).

Terry loves his family and the outdoors. He’s an avid hunter and fisherman and a great dad to his beautiful daughters!



debi_0Office Administrator: Debi Wendt is organized, efficient, and a go-getter.  Debi’s highlights are registrations, communications, and marketing, but she is also a support to her husband, Terry, in overall camp efficiency.

Debi’s skill sets and work ethic alone make her a stand-out, but coupled with her history at Camp Michawana, she is a gem!  From 1999 as a camper until 2011 when she was the Summer Director, Debi’s heart has been at Michawana.  She stepped away for two quick years to live the “American Dream” as a teacher and a mom, but quickly came back as both she and Terry wanted to have their work have an eternal impact.

Development Assistant: Carm Johnson focuses on donor relations, newsletters, thank you letters, the monthly prayer calendar, publicity, photography, and several other needs as they arise.

She serves on a missionary basis and has also served at two other Christian camps for many years.

There is much to learn from Carm’s expertise and experience in the camp world.  She has the wisdom of an owl and the spunk of a skunk!


Program and Marketing Coordinator: Rochelle Visser is great at creating ideas and activities that kids love and loves the Lord.

Her main focus is summer programming and Bible teaching, but you may see her doing summer camp promotion,  recruiting and training summer staff, or at events and retreats.

Rochelle is a ball of energy (really…watch out).  When she isn’t at Camp she loves teaching at church and Bible Clubs and going on adventures like skiing, jet-skiing, or playing games!


12191289_10153563956291273_6612171273350331561_oGuest Services Coordinator:  Liz Stoutjesdyk is the woman you need to know for EVERYTHING for your Church outing/Family Reunion/Club Meeting/Campgrounds plans, and MORE!  She loves the variety of people she has the opportunity to work with and does a fantastic job tailoring activities and arrangements for groups’ needs.