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Family Camp


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Family Camp 1: July 26-August 1, 2019

Family Camp 2: August 2-8, 2019

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LODGING – All lodging prices INCLUDE all activities and programming!

MEALS-  Dining Options!

Grab lunch at the RV Concession Stand and pay per item with no need to sign up ahead.

Reserve dinner tickets ahead and eat full meals in the Dining Hall.  ($7 kids, $8 adults) Pick and choose exactly which meals you would like before camp.  Meal registration forms will be sent this spring, choose your  meals and send the form back at least two weeks in advance.


ACTIVITIES- Do as much or as little as you like!

Michawana’s Mini Triathlon is FREE to Registered Family Campers!

Chapel isn’t something we just check off the list.

Each session is interesting and meaningful. The kids lessons are packed with excitement from our Summer Staff Dream Team complete with puppets, skits, drama, and more!  Teens have breakout sessions and talk about real-life issues. Check out some of the speakers that we’re bringing in for adults this year:

2019 Speakers

Week 1 -  TBD

We are currently aligning schedules and speaker dates.  We typically have two speakers per week for variety plus additional sessions with specific breakout topics etc.

Week 2- Pastor Jory Trim and TBD


A Family Camp favorite, Pastor Jory Trim (right)  is back for more solid and relevant teaching.  Jory, a graduate of Liberty University, is the Youth Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from Jory’s visits the past five years at Family Camp, and are excited to have him challenge the teens and families during Family Camp Week 2.

When he’s not working with teens, Pastor Jory is acting like one! He enjoys rock climbing, running, video games, and sports.  He and his wife, Andrea have two beautiful children and they love hiking, camping, and traveling as a family!












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