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STOKED! Young Adults Camp



We get it.  You’re too old for summer camp but can’t get all summer off to live at camp, but yet you still want to:
-Feel the wind in your hair on the zip line

-Make new friends

-Jump up and down and do crazy motions while praising Jesus

- Get away and grow spiritually

- Go camping, swimming, boating, etc….

That’s why we’ve created STOKED!  A weekend of Summer Camp designed for young adults.

bikeSTOKED! is part of our Family Camp Program so some meals, chapels, and events (like the Mini Tri) will be combined with campers of ALL ages.  Specific program, bonfires, and events will be STOKED! exclusives (like the High Ropes and Archery Tag).  The fun starts Friday at 7pm and will go until Sunday at 7pm, but if you need to come and go that is fine.  If you’d like to extend your stay and camp longer that is a-okay, just let us know and we can help you out.

What to Bring:  Bible, sleeping bag, pen, clothes (DUH!) , bathing suit, toiletries, and optional fun things like your hammock, fishing pole, or mountain bike.

What to Expect: There will be a lot going on, but if you’re not into running triathlons or playing your guitar in a Praise Fest we won’t make you do anything you don’t want to.   Do expect to leave your cool self at home and be ready to let loose and have some fun!  You’re at Camp Michawana- so go crazy, wash your hair in the lake, and get let’s get a little rowdy.


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